A world on the edge
of lights

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Two earth-bound children, brother and sister, Kite and Miriam have been chosen to become carriers of the Fej Farok,a powerful parasite capable of traveling through parallel universes.

One day they are captured by strange Black Creatures and their destinies part ways. Now Kite, who is the younger of the two, must undertake a dangerous journey in search of his sister through a new and hostile world, a dazzling planet that its inhabitants call Lùmina.

Lùmina is a project midway between Sci-FI and Fantasy.The project tells the story of the journey and growing up of Kite and Miriam through an imaginative evolution of amazing environments. Fraternal love, ecology and respect for all living things are the backbone themes of this story.

Lùmina will be characterised by its painstaking eye to the aesthetic layout for which the two authors, working with two hands on the drawing board, will create a workflow similar to the one used to create modern “animations”: original and dynamic human figures will stand out against finely detailed and extremely atmospheric environments.



Linda Cavallini

Linda Cavallini was born in 1979 in Florence where she still lives. With her studies always directed towards the art field, while at high school she also attended comic book design courses and later obtained a degree in set design from the Fine Arts Academy of Florence. For several years she followed the Balletto di Toscana dance company as costume designer and set seamstress before taking up teaching of arts subjects in primary schools. In 2004 she started to work with the Kmzero (graphic and web design studio), involved in digital colouring of comics (Les Humanoides Asssocies, Panini). Since 2007 she has been working as a freelancer, creating illustrations for children (Mondadori, Piemme, Giunti, Gribaudo, DeAgostini, LaSpiga, Eli, Usborne, Hachette).
+39 320 6181184

Emanuele tenderini

Emanuele Tenderini is a Venetian comics illustrator. With the "100 Souls" comic cult, published by French company Delcourt, he created a style and became one of the world's greatest exponents of the digital colouring technique. He continued his career with top European publishing companies including Wondercity of the French Soleil sold in 9 countries worldwide, Oeil de Jade published by the prestigious Umanoidi Associati, and The Odyssey alongside American cartoonist Ben Caldwell. On the Italian market he worked on the creation of Dylan Dog and Dampyr for Sergio Bonelli publishers. He is currently collaborating with the French company Ankama, world leader in animation and videogames, for a humoristic series entitled Dei, and LeLombard, for whom he has just published a comic book on the famous tapestry of William the Conqueror.